見るものが見えるものになる時 “From Seeing to Seen”

Akira Fujimoto 《Fountain》2016 movie date

Artists: Nerhol / 濱田祐史/ 藤元明/ 川久保ジョイ
2016/10/2(Sun) ~ 10/23(Sun)
Opening Party 10/1(Sat) 18:00~20:00
Sezon Art Gallery
東京都渋谷区神宮前3-6-7 1F

Curator’s Notes (文/ 高根 枝里)
今勢いのある若手アーティスト達は、この企画展を通してどう化学反応を起こしてくれるのだろうか。 “見るもの” は主体から対象物へ方向が向いていて、 “見えるもの” は対象物からの何らかの作用により自 分が “見える” という受動的な要素が含まれている。現代を生きる5 人のアーティストは、本来の概念 や長い間当然とされてきた定義を疑問視し、自分なりの定義に変換させて作品を発表している。この展 示を通して今生きている私たちにとって、当たり前だと思って見過ごしているものを “見えるもの” に 変換させてくれる。

Curator’s Notes by Eri Takane

SEZON ART GALLERY is pleased to announce the launch of the group show “From Seeing to Seen” from 10/2 (Sun) to 10/3 (Sun) on the B1 and B2 floor by the following 5 artists: Nerhol (Artist unit of Iida Ryuta and Yoshihisa Tanaka), Yuji Hamada, Akira Fujimoto, and Joy Kawakubo. On the 1st floor, works collaborated with the three artists: Yoshihisa Tanaka and Iida Ryuta of Nerhol, and Yuji Hamada, giving birth inside a darkroom will be held. It is a work of Tanaka and Hamada composing and adjusting the carving done on film by Iida using a cutter knife.

On the B2 floor, works of photo and text drawing, which can be said to be the origin of Joy Kawakubo’s will be exhibited, while Akira Fujimoto will be showing his new “Fountain” series with works consisting multiple mediums such as video installation and photo for this exhibition. Curator’ What kind of chemistry will these young artists with momentum now cause. “Viewing Object-SEEING” faces the direction of the subject, holding somewhat a passive element of “Visible” by the effect from the “Visible Object-SEEN” . These 5 artists, living the present, announces their works by questioning the norm and concept that was already there, converting them into their own definition. Through this exhibition, things that what we take for granted and overlook will be converted into “Visible Object-SEEN” .
sponsors : Photo Gallery International, Yutaka Kikutake Gallery