Beyond the Palettes

Christian Awe

by Christian Awe

2016/11/05 (Sat) 〜 2016/11/30 (Wed)Opening Party 11/04 (Fri) 18:00 – 20:00
Sezon Art Gallery
東京都渋谷区神宮前3-6-7 1F

Curator’s notes by Eri Takane

Christian Aweの作品は、本で見ても実物に引けをとらないほどのインパクトを与えてくれる。

かつてJackson Pollockが床にドリップペインティングを実験的に始めたように、Christianもキャンバスを回したり、床に置きながらスプレーをしたり、様々な素材や方法を発掘、実験し続けている。ただ、彼とPollockが大きく違うところは、作品の完成形がChristianにはおおよそ見えているのではないかというところだ。グラフィティーやストリートアートの分脈にも影響されている彼は、常に政治的・社会的な問題をテーマに取り入れている。ベルリンの壁崩壊の歴史的な瞬間という社会的混乱を間近に体験した彼が、こういった要素を作品に取り入れるのは不思議なことではない。 それを原動力とした彼の力強い意思や気持ちが、自身のアートを通して観る人にインパクトとなって伝わってくるのではないだろうか。

Curator’s notes by Eri Takane

I still have not forgotten the moment when I first encountered the book about
Christian at his studio in NY. Works by Christian Awe leaves an impact not in the
least inferior to its originals, even when the images are coming from a book.
That is, a breathtaking abstract art full of energy, leaving an impact among the
overflowing assorted materials.

Like how drip painting by Jackson Pollock was done on the floor, Christian as
well spins the canvas, sprays the canvas put on the floor, continuing to excavate
and experiment with various materials and methods. However, what separates
him and Pollock greatly is the fact that perhaps Christian can roughly vision the
completion of the work.

Works that appear as if it is a real water-drop, and works looking like a random
drawing, in reality, is an imagination calculated minutely. Being influenced by graffiti and street art when he was young, political and social issues are still integrated into his works. It is no surprise that being born and raised in Berlin, with experiencing up close the historical moment of the Berlin Wall falling, and being a person who cares about others and tries to help and to call attention to current topics with his means, these elements are enclosed. That, I suspect a major impact being emanating through his art to the viewers.