“It’s ALL OVER” By Julien Levy with arts from Lauren Tsai

“It’s ALL OVER” By Julien Levy
With art from Lauren Tsai

日時  3月18日(土) SATURDAY, MARCH 18TH
7:30PM              Doors Open
8PM -10PM       Reception Party + 5 Screenings
10PM – 1AM       Screenings

Featuring actresses/actors are :
Kiko Mizuhara, Ashley Smith, Louis Rault Watanabe, Beni, Nora Zehetner, Astrid Berges Frisbey, Tom Lipinski, Nana Komatsu

場所  367 Sezon Art Gallery 地下一階、地下二階

3月19日(日) SUNDAY, MARCH 19TH
15PM-22PM        展示   Exhibition
19:30PM-22PM  映画上映 Film Screenings

Curated by Eri Takane