Girls Art Talk 3rd anniv. Talk Event


I was invited to the talk show organized by Maru Arai, a girl’s art talk funder.

『 座談会 vol.1 』


SEZON ART GALLERY ディレクター 高根枝里x美大生


NYでアートマネージメントについて学びNYのギャラリーにてキャリアを積んだ高根枝里との本音トーク! 疑問質問(アーティストとして海外での活動について、卒業後の活動等)をどんどんぶつけてください。どなたでもご参加いただけますので、皆様お誘い合わせの上、ご来廊くださいませ。

Rola May 2015

I had an interview with Rola Magazine-

Thank you @mihooashi for featuring my work :)


Pecha Kucha Brooklyn

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Gave a talk with my dear friend Chris Romero at Pechakucha Night in Livestream Public

It’s PechaKucha’s 12th birthday on Friday, February 20, 2015 – and we’re celebrating by having another Global Night! PechaKucha Nights all over the world will be held on the same night – you won’t want to miss this special event!

In celebration, PKN Brooklyn will co-host this event LIVE! in collaboration with PKN Quito. Presenters to be announced shortly.

RSVP via our friends at Flavorpill for a discount!

Interview with art creative Diana Abi Khalil

Diana Abi Khalil is a main figure into young newcomers creative and a very influential voice, on both side of the Atlantic, including the Middle East. She is a vivid traveler, and has been based in New York for the last five years. Diana is the best guide as it comes to the contemporary art scene of young and emerging artists of New York.


What kind of art do you do?

There is no exact term to define my activity. Artistic work nowadays involves the joint activity of a large number of people with many different roles and skills and my job is to interact with all of them to make ART HAPPEN. I do interact and bring my services to galleries, institutions, auction houses, art fairs, exhibitions spaces and also artists. I am an artist, a curator, a photographer, a producer, and to encompass most of we can, I am an art CREATIVE.

Defining artists used to be easy in the past and craft, performance and art was separated. Artists are still the aesthetics leaders but times have obviously changed. do you have an explanation for that?

Artists I work with tend to tour on large exhibitions and biennales and live on allowances and stipends rather than mainly selling their art, as a physical material, in traditional gallery settings. These artists also started to emerge as many mediums, especially technological media, have been introduced into the language of the arts. The new environment for the arts has challenged artists to address evolving patterns of art participation that are characterized by a blurring of genres, categories and shifting boundaries between amateurism and professionalism.

Your artistic practice has been solicited internationally and you seem to be on all the fronts. How would you define your role as an art creative.?

There is an undeniable hierarchization of artistic positions, practices, and material based on the notion of the art object itself.  Today, we value the art world beyond its physicality. Yet we still relate to the traditional model of visual glorification of artistic materiality rather than to the new model in which artists provide intangible, unsellable, immaterial art. That is why I do believe that most of the art positions and roles nowadays are outdated.  I think that many people no longer correspond to the economic, social, and cultural figure of the “artist’ as it has been constituted in the modern age… and I am one of them!

My role, as being a creative and also a curator, is to assist artists and art institutions into the making of art, at every step of the production AND the creation chain, to produce the work with them and to facilitate their research and bring my suggestions into their aesthetics.