Sell My Soul


 2016/6/3( Sat)~ 7/10( Sun)

1F Atelier / Gallery 11:00-18:00
B1F Cafe & Dining Bar 367° 11:00-26:00
B2F Gallery 11:00-18:00

Director’ s notes

東京のど真ん中で育ち、クリエィティブなファッションデザイナーの両親の元で育った山口歴は生粋のストリートシティボーイだと思う東京で育った多くの男の子たちが比較し羨望する街、ニューヨーク。そのニューヨーク、ブルックリンを拠点に活動を続けている。7 歳より西洋絵画を学び、欧米のグラフィティやポップアートにも感銘を受け、それら歴史上のアーティストのテクニックや表現技法に関心を持つ。

多元化した文化の影響によるヒップホップの「サンプリング」というテクニックから着想を得た、独立した多色の絵具の筆跡を貼り合わせる「カットアンドペースト」という独自の表現手法で制作活動を行っている。 多色な独立した筆跡( しかし決して各々の筆跡が交わる事はない) の集積で形成される作品は、個々の特徴が尊敬され、評価され、そしてそれが混在する東京という街、文化を表現しているのではないであろうか。

本展” SELL MY SOUL” では、筆跡がそのまま彫刻にむき出しに現れた作品を展開する。




Director’ s notes
Growing up in the center of Tokyo being raised by parents who are both fashion designers, Meguru Yamaguchi can only be described as a trueborn city boy from the streets. New York, a city where a number of boys raised in Tokyo make comparisons and envy. Yamaguchi continues his activity as an artist in Brooklyn, New York.

Studying Western art since the age of 7, and being impressed by European/American graffiti and pop-art, his interests involved the techniques and expression methods of artists in that era. Continuing with his unique expression method “Cut and Paste” pasting together multicolor brushstrokes of independent paints, is a technique influenced from pluralized cultures of hip-hop called “Sampling.” Perhaps his works of multicolor and independent brushstrokes (yet never crossing paths) being integrated is the expression of Tokyo, where each characteristic being respected and rated are mixed together.

For this exhibition “SELL MY SOUL” , works where brushstrokes are blatantly exposed on the sculpture will be unfolded. Yamaguchi was born and raised in Tokyo, the center of the competitive society where greed, jealousy, envy, ridicule intersect; while cooperatively is also essential at the same time. His personality is the bi-polar of Tokyo, preferring groups and harmony. Therefore, creative people gathering around is a natural occurrence. Similarly, or even more in New York, the importance of collective elements, where connection between each individual and individual can be understood. Yet the feeling of wanting to spew out within the self is enormous, making the greed for newness and beauty inestimable.

Kazuo Shiraga once symbolized his inner self through works by battle, violence, blood, and excessive embodiment using abstract paintings; A method to free the self where cruelty and hedonism coexists. Yamaguchi as well, making use of the unique materials expresses the ‘Life’ , ‘Death’ , ‘Beauty’ , and ‘Disgrace’ of the present.